Two police officers saved feathers from being ruffled after a stray parakeet got into a spot of bother.

Police constables Jamie Williams and Wayne Bell hopped into action after the exotic but flightless bird was reported as in distress and moving frantically along Ingrave Street, Wandsworth, on August 10.

The officers stopped traffic at the junction with Darien Road while the parakeet, which had lost its tail feathers and was unable to fly, was moved to safety.

PC Williams said: "Members of the public were clearly concerned for the welfare of the parakeet and we acted quickly to help save it from injury along with anyone else who wanted to rush onto the busy road to help.

"We were quickly able to locate a nearby box and carefully cover the bird with it to stop it from running off into oncoming traffic. Thankfully it was all over in a matter of minutes and the parrot was taken to safety."

The parakeet was then taken by a member of the public to a vet for treatment.