Puzzlers from all over the world came to test their brainpower and puzzle solving skills against each other in Croydon.

They were here for the 23rd world puzzle championship and the ninth world Sudoku championship, which were both being held in the United Kingdom for the first time.

To make the competition fair, only puzzles which are language and culture neutral were allowed so riddles and crosswords were not permitted.

Your Local Guardian:

Instead the competitiors got to grips with Sudoku, Kakuro, Mastermind, battleships, complex mazes and word search.

Taking the 2014 World Sudoku Championship title was Kota Morinishi from Japan and Germany's Ulrich Voigt (pictured below) has been crowned the 2014 World Puzzle Champion.

Your Local Guardian:

Of the 280 people who were at the event at the Selsdon Park Hotel, most of them did not have a realistic chance of winning.

But Alan O’Donnell, the chairman of the UK Puzzle Association (UKPA), which organised this year’s event, said for most people it is more about the taking part.

He said: "For some who are new they think they will jump straight to the top and win but at least 80 per cent go for the convention aspect of it.

"It’s an international community and this is the one time of year that everyone gets together to meet up."

Your Local Guardian:

The UKPA has only existed since 2010 and had to put its bid for this year’s championship to the World Puzzle Foundation two years ago.

Mr O’Donnell said feedback from competitors and spectators was that it was the best yet.

Go to ukpuzzles.org for details about how to join the UKPA.