Mums have rallied behind a nursery accused of "starving" a 5-year-old girl because the meat in her sandwich was non-halal.

The dispute over a chicken sandwich at Kingswood Daycare Nursery in Mitcham spiralled into a police investigation after the nursery reported receiving religiously and racially aggravated hate mail via emails and voicemail messages.

Chicken sandwich lands Kingswood Daycare Nursery in religious and racial dispute. 

Children up to 5 years who attend the daycare nursery are subject to increased security measures in case the nursery is targeted by extremists, one mother has reported.

Miss Jenkins said: "They have instructions to go to the back of the nursery or back of the building.

"The manager wants them away from the windows in case anything happens."

Miss Jenkins, who works in Morden, has been sending her four-year-old son Oscar to the school since it opened in 2012.

She said: "The school is brilliant. My son is quite a big eater and he never comes out and says, ‘mummy I’m hungry’.

"And if he doesn’t like something, they will get something out of the food cupboard for him."

Miss Jenkins said the nursery celebrates all the traditional festivities such as Christmas and Fathers' Day and there is no evidence of any Muslim bias.

Bettina Biol, from Kennington, sends her 4-year-old daughter, Layla and 8-month-old baby boy to the daycare nursery.

She said: "Layla started there when she was only three months old and since she’s been there she’s been really, really happy.

"I think it’s inclusive there. They are very flexible and open to parents’ requirements.

"Layla eats quite a lot and there’s always food there. They have a kitchen so even when the catering service is gone they have food there."

Mum Lisa Tredwen, who has been sending her four-year-old daughter Ruby to the centre for the past two weeks, also contacted the Wimbledon Guardian to dispute the allegations.

She said: "My daughter goes to the nursery and I find the accusations absolutely disgusting.

"The manager was extremely upset. Me and my sister both take our children there and we have never had any problems with the food.

"I think it’s been totally exaggerated."

Kingswood Daycare Nursery declined to comment on increased security measures at the nursery.

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