Sutton police officers were good Samaritans last week, after going on a mercy mission for a partially blind and deaf woman.

Officers from Beddington South safer neighbourhoods team went found the woman in her 80’s distressed and upset, after she had lost her handbag and belongings in Wallington Library.

As they had no keys to the property the officers borrowed a set of ladders from a neighbour, allowing PC Glen Oliver to climb up to a window that had been left slightly open.

Once they got inside they helped her cancel her bank cards, and contacted a member of her family to make sure she would be looked after.

A few hours later the officers received a call from Wallington Library saying staff had just found the bag.

PC Glen Oliver said: "It was really good to help this lady even though her bag was found later. She was very grateful for what we had done - and it's all part of us going the extra mile to help residents."

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