Council workers got a little trim happy in Kingston – after sawing hedges almost in half.

Residents in Burton Road were dumbfounded after environmental rangers trimmed about a dozen hedges in the street last Friday.

Tim Lidbetter, who has lived in the road for 22 years, said: “It’s never happened before.

“The sticks are sticking out – sharp bits. They don’t think they have done anything wrong.

“They think it was on the pavement causing a hazard but it’s far more hazardous now then it was then.

"With all the sharp edges at the height of a toddlers face, this is an eyesore in more senses than one.”

Meanwhile, over in Sutton, a hedge has been cut in the shape of Zippy from Rainbow...

Mr Lidbetter said he had received a letter from the council informing him about work that was due to be carried out, but did not expect anything this “drastic”.

A Kingston Council spokesman said: "The council has a duty to keep the public highway free for everyone, including people with disabilities or who are visually impaired for whom overhanging vegetation can be a severe hindrance.   

"A council inspector spoke to the resident on 24 July and asked if it was all right to cut back the hedge. She agreed.

"The next day, before the hedge was cut the ranger spoke to her again to clarify that it was ok.

"Again the resident was happy.

"Unhappy with the finished result, the resident asked if the council ranger would remove the whole hedge if she paid him. He declined."

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