Hundreds of people of all faiths got together at the country's biggest mosque to break the fast in Islam's holy month of Ramadan.

Council leader Stephen Alambritis and Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon were among 600 guests at the meal hosted by The Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden.

Attracting people from different faiths and professions, the Big Iftar evening meal was held on Thursday, July 17, as millions of Muslims around the country fast from dawn to dusk according to Islamic tradition.

Mahmood Rafiq, head of external affairs at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK (AMA UK), said: "We had a tremendous response from the local community.

Especially in the current climate where there is so much pain in the world with Gaza and ISIS, it was a nice, simple, positive event where people could talk."

Mr Rafiq said some non-Muslims at the event had fasted during the day to experience the Ramadan purpose of becoming closer to God.

Guests arrived at 8.30pm to sample dates, pakora and fruit salad. There were prayers followed by a traditional meal of lamb curry and rice.

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Rafiq Hayat, national president of AMA UK, Coun Alambritis and Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon all addressed the audience at the event.

Ramadan is the month in which Muslim people believe the Holy Quran was revealed via the angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad, exhorting readers to reform themselves so they play a more positive role in society.

The Big Iftar started in 2013 as a national initiative promoting stronger community relations following the violent murder of soldier Lee Rigby by radical Islamists in Woolwich.

The Ahmadiyyas are a Muslim community devoted to promoting what they believe are the true teachings of Islam, of peace in every aspect of life, which they say have been corrupted by Muslim fundamentalists.