Bus passengers travelling through Wimbledon this morning had an unusual excuse for being late for work after their bus got stuck on a kerb as the driver attempted to make a U-turn.

The route 156 bus got into a spot of difficulty in Plough Lane at 8.40am this morning after apparently making a wrong turn at the junction with Haydon's Road.

Kevin Thornton, 59, who was on his way to work in Clapham when he saw the bus, said: "Realising his mistake, the driver tried to do a U-turn.

"Unfortunately, he reversed too far back and managed to jam the back of the bus over the high kerb which effectively raised the back wheels enough to prevent any traction.

"Try as he might, he couldn’t budge it and was stuck fast.

"The more he revved the engine, the faster the wheels slipped which created heat and eventually the tyres began to smoke.

"Passengers began to panic and feared for their lives as they thought the bus was alight."

Mr Thornton, estate manager at St Francis Xavier College in Clapham, said traffic at either side of the bus was at a standstill.

Ken Davidson, TfL’s head of bus operations, said: “At around 8.40am on Thursday July 17 the driver of a route 156 double deck bus, operated by Abellio, took a wrong turn at the crossroads of Plough Lane and Haydon’s Road.  

"We are aware that as the driver attempted to turn the vehicle around it got stuck on a high curb for around ten minutes, during which time some passengers decided to alight. 

"The bus was not damaged and able to continue its onward journey. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”