Headley Court’s MP is writing to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt ask for it to remain as a centre for medical rehabilitation after it is replaced by a £300m military complex in the Midlands in 2018.

Sir Paul Beresford, MP for Mole Valley, said the decision to replace Headley Court, the UK’s leading military rehabilitation centre for injured servicemen and women, near Leatherhead, with a larger, state-of-the-art facility at Stanford Hall, near Loughborough, is "sad, but the right thing to do".

In February, the 68-year-old said he would be "jumping the gun" to instigate a consultation between the local community and the Government to discuss the possible closure of Headley Court if the new Defence and National Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) was approved.

But speaking to the Epsom Guardian on Friday, Sir Paul said he believes there is still a role for Headley Court as a medical rehabilitation facility and that he has started discussions to explore this as an option.

Your Local Guardian:

Sir Paul Beresford, MP for Mole Valley 

He said: "It’s sad because Headley Court is a much-loved, important facility in our area. 

"But the new facility will provide better treatment for armed forces.

"I want Headley Court to continue if at all possible as a rehabilitation facility. 

"I will be writing to the Secretary of State to see if there is any way we can use that facility, particularly as they have got a facility nearby that makes artificial limbs in Roehampton.

"I think there is going to be a civilian facility associated with this new building in the Midlands. 

"Some of the medical professionals I have spoken to in this area are wondering whether we could have a private facility or a NHS facility or a combined one at Headley Court.

"Discussions have started.  I have talked to the Conservative leader James Friend and agreed that Mole Valley and Surrey County should be involved. 

"We have a short period of time to start thinking to see if we can those quite fantastic facilities for the some sort of thing. 

"But it’s very early days.

"It will take time.  One or two members of the medical profession who work in the hospitals locally are very excited for this facility to be more broadly available as it is quite unique."

When asked about an agreement which apparently requires Headley Court to be returned to its original state if it is no longer being used for its original purpose, Sir Paul said he does not know "how tight the covenant is", but said he is willing to work with the Headley Court Trustees if they are willing to work with him - the group who owns the site and will now be tasked with deciding on its future.

He added: "We have some expertise at Headley Court. 

"Some staff will go to the Midlands but some of them can’t or won’t move - for example many physiotherapists and other staff members - particularly where there are two earners in the family and the other spouse also works in the area. 

"We have to use this as an opportunity to use the facility which is going to be left behind. 

"It will keep the expertise that has built up there."

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