The leader of Austenasia has given a plot of land to the people of Renasia, in a deal that has strengthened ties between the two nations.

Emperor Jonathan I handed over the patch of grass on Saturday, June 28.

The 19-year-old ruler held a special ceremony at the spot in Poulter Park, Carshalton, to declare his nation would be releasing the land.

He then spoke to the Renasian leader on Skype to confirm the deal was complete.

Austenasia, a landlocked micronation in Carshalton, was founded in 2008.

The tiny self-proclaimed country has its own rules and traditions, and claims to be independent from the UK.

The nation has its own home office, foreign office, and ministry of defence, and is currently led by a female prime minister.

There are question marks over the legitimacy of the country’s land deal with fellow micronation Renasia, because Poulter Park is actually owned by the UK.

Emperor Jonathan I said: "It is OK because we do these things in a subtle way.

"We look for unused, uninhabited land that nobody will miss.

"The area we have given to Renasia is not that big, and the British public can still use it should they wish to.

"I have no problem with that whatsoever."

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Grounds for celebration: Emperor Jonathan's gift to Renasia

Austenasia has 11 bases up and down the UK, with four in London, two in Scotland, one in Cornwall, two in Cambridgeshire, and another in Gloucestershire.

The nation, which has a total population of 41, is also represented by communities in the USA, Canada, and Brazil.

They recently introduced a nationwide ban on using products containing palm oil because it is unethically sourced.

Emperor Jonathan I also brought in a complete smoking ban, but the legislation has now been relaxed to allow people to smoke outside.

Renasia is represented in Hertfordshire, Derby and Edinburgh, and also has bases in Canada, the USA, and Azerbaijan.

The two nations have enjoyed great diplomatic relation over the years, which have been further cemented by June’s land deal.