You will learn all about one man’s love interest - but you will never meet her.

Picked straight out of Brighton Fringe for this year’s International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF), The Common Land is a drama centred around two young people who fall in love.

But the story is told through the eyes of Tom.

Writer and actor Joel Samuels, who plays the lead role, says: "You see both sides of the romance through me. You never meet her despite how much Tom wants you to meet her. "They are polar opposites. Tom is incredibly intelligent and Leah - she is spunky and willing to do everything, the kind that would jump off a cliff. It is very funny but it does get dark."

The play is set in a sleepy farming area where Tom feels claustrophobic.

Samuels says: "I was inspired by my grandmother who was a farmer just outside of Peterborough and there was a village and there was nothing there but a pub and a red phone box.

"I was there over Easter and half terms - there were some extraordinary characters."

The Common Land is an offering from Fine Mess Theatre which was put together last year by Samuels and Kyle Ross.

Samuels says: "I had this idea for a while and I thought it was time to get it out. I am a Londoner so it’s like being back home. The IYAF festival itself is brilliant - it’s an exciting opportunity."

The Common Land, Rose Theatre, 24-26 High Street, Kingston, July 16 and 17, £8, call box office on 08444 821 556, visit