Torben Betts' Invincible opens in the West End this week after its acclaimed run at Richmond's Orange Tree Theatre earlier this year.

The comedy, directed by Ellie Jones, received rave reviews and opens at St James Theatre in Westminster on Thursday, July 10, and runs until August 9.

Laura Howard, who plays Emily, said she was delighted to resume her role in the tale of two couples.

She said: "I haven't read the reviews but I heard it went down really well.

"I don't feel any pressure about transferring to the St James, we just want to do a good job again and I'm sure we will as we work so well as a team.

"It is great Invincible has been given this second life, after the Orange Tree, and would be good if it had another life after this run too."

Invincible explores what happens when a woman who worships Karl Marx comes face-to-face with a man who worships his cat, Vince.

Howard appears alongside Daniel Copeland, Darren Strange and former Coronation Street actress Samantha Seager.

Emily and Oliver move up north to experience what she perceives to be real life and real people.

But they do not anticipate that their neighbours, who opt for a lager over a glass of wine, might not take kindly to Emily's outspoken political views.

Howard, who lives in Chiswick, said: "The four characters are just so well written, it is a really well put together play and Torben is just brilliant.

"I don't think the audience comes expecting anything.

"Whatever you expect to happen, the plot keeps turning it on itself - one minute it's a comedy, then it's a tragedy."

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