A theatre in St George’s maternity unit has been closed for over a week after a sewage leak.

In the early hours of Monday, June 23, stagnant water was reported leaking through the ceiling of an obstetrics theatre.

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The hospital’s estates team discovered it was being caused by a blocked sewage stack.

They quickly unblocked it and stopped the leak last week but the theatre remains closed while essential checks take place.

A spokeswoman for St George’s Hospital said: “The theatre, which was not in use at the time, remained closed so a deep clean of the ventilation ducts and theatre space could be performed.

“Routine elective surgeries, normally provided in the theatre, have been moved to other theatre suites.

"There has not been, nor will there be, any impact on patient safety or emergency obstetric surgery.”

The trust’s specialist ventilation contractors were on site on Sunday checking the theatre which will remain closed until it is deemed fit for use.

The spokeswoman added: "All remedial work has been completed, the theatre space has undergone a deep decontamination clean and microbial sampling took place on Sunday.

"We are currently awaiting air sample and settle plate test results to confirm the theatre can be reopened."