State-of-the-art equipment to help diagnose women’s clinical problems has been donated to Epsom Hospital

ExxonMobil and Epsom Medical Equipment Fund (EMEF) donated a £6,000 Transducer, a type of ultrasound technology, which offers women the clearest diagnosis for problems including ovarian cancer, cysts or fibroids, during fertility treatment and pregnancy. 

Bess Harding, founder of EMEF, thanked ExxonMobil for its generosity in supporting the charity and making the donation possible.

Christine Chapman, superintendent sonographer, was delighted to receive the new equipment on behalf of the hospital’s radiology department.

She said: "We’re hugely grateful to ExxonMobil for their support.

"This asset enables us to offer a full ultrasound service to women often when a quick diagnosis is most needed, which is of great benefit to patients and their doctors alike."

Dr Julian Eyears, occupation health physician at ExxonMobil, said: "This new ultrasonic addition is benefiting the hospital already and making such a difference to the lives of local patients."