A 31-year-old Croydon record store has been saved at the eleventh hour - thanks to an unusual business venture and the support of fans from around the world.

Beanos announced last summer that three decades of trading in its three-storey Middle Street store was coming to an end.

But owner David Lashmar was so overwhelmed by the response from customers and the media, he devised a rescue package that should help it stay open.

Mr Lashmar said: "There is hope for a future world that includes Beanos. This will mean us trading on just the ground floor and letting the top two floors to stall units selling goods complementary to our trade - an indoor market based around the appeal of the store."

"At the moment our construction team is busy with hammers and sharp implements as we try to re-organise the ground floor, giving us the room to build these stall units."

The store is likely to house around 34 stalls, which will be let on an all-week basis to traders selling things like jewellery, fashion and art. There could even be a tarot card reader. The top floor of the building could house a caf.

Mr Lashmar added: "If I had been offered a chance like this when I started, I would have jumped at it. I think it is providing a long-awaited spot for businesses around the town who are finding it hard to survive.

"Croydon is changing and, unfortunately, so is Beanos, but we are so excited about this new venture. The only thing I am sad about is the fact Beanos will never be the same as it used to be, but we have had to move with the times."

Until the store finishes its refit, Beanos will continue with its sale until more stock is emptied from the warehouse, which is likely to take another month.

But for now Mr Lashmar is thankful for all the support he has received and is hoping to make a real success of the venture.

He added: "The positive comments and support from our customers has been overwhelming and I have to extend a big thank you to you all for giving me the energy to rebuild Beanos.

"By next Christmas I hope this will be the biggest business venture in Croydon, and you can hold me to that!"