Campaigners have hailed a victory after successfully reinstating a popular bus service in Worcester Park.

The S3 hail and ride service will once again stop at Green Lane after campaigners led by Sutton and Croydon Greater London Assembly member Steve O'Connell and local blogger and council candidate Simon Densley lobbied Transport for London.

Mr O'Connell said: "I am delighted at the successful resolution of this issue.

"The decision to listen to the lobbying of myself and others will reap real benefits for local residents who use this important route.

"I will be keeping a watchful eye on this particular route to ensure that Transport for London follow through on their commitments to improve the S3 service."

Mr Densley added: "The S3 is a very import bus service to Worcester Park residents and I'm very pleased that normal service has finally been resumed."

When the Green Lane stop was removed, many commuters complained because they could not get out of the bus until it arrived at the train station.

"This meant they would have to stay in the bus if it was stuck in traffic  and could not get out to run and catch a train.