GPs in charge of Wandsworth’s healthcare want people to know how to prevent someone elderly falling over.

As part of Falls Awareness Week to June 22, NHS Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group is advising people on what they can do to prevent a fall and what you should do if it happens.

They are advising people to check their homes for hazards, such a poor lighting and wires.

If you have a fall they say it is important to keep calm and to slowly try and get up. However, if you are unable to get up you should get someone’s attention or crawl to a telephone to dial 999.

On Thursday, July 17, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group and Wandsworth Council will hold a joint event at the Penfold Centre in Wandsworth to hear residents’ views on falls prevention and bone health services provided in the borough. 

For more information call 020 8871 5155 or email janice.o’