A distressed woman is having trouble sleeping after her beloved tree was chopped down by mistake.

Yildiz Doherty, 72, from Scott Close, West Ewell, said an evergreen tree in her front garden was felled by Rosebery Housing Association a week ago.

Mrs Doherty said: "They took my healthy beautiful tree. I can’t sleep at night, it was a beautiful tree.

"I loved the tree, all my neighbours loved it. They were so sorry for the tree to go." 

She said Rosebery Housing Association had admitted to the mistake and offered to replace her tree.

But she said: "The people working in the housing association do not have the decency to see me.

"I don’t want this ugly part left there with the tree stump sticking out."

Your Local Guardian: Yildiz Doherty with all that remains of her beloved tree

Mrs Doherty with the offending stump

A Rosebery spokeswoman said she had reassured Mrs Doherty that they are doing everything they can to arrange for the removal of the tree stump this week.

She said: "Mrs Doherty’s tree was taken down by mistake by one of our contractors.

"We understand that the tree meant a lot to her and we’ve been in touch to apologise.

"We are doing our best to have the stump removed as quickly as possible. Once it’s gone, we will replace it with a tree of Mrs Doherty’s choice."