The mystery behind several reported UFO sightings over Carshalton could have been solved.

Neighbours in the area have been reporting strange sightings in the sky for several weeks.

People have spotted seeing an orange light that moves quickly and almost silently. Another witness said he saw a star-shaped object hovering with blue and orange lights underneath it.

Your Local Guardian:

The picture taken by Kelly Stevenson over Carshalton

But it turns out the odd sightings may not be extraterrestrial after a keen amateur photographer revealed that people may have just spotted a drone fitted with a camera that he has been using to take aerial shots in the area.

Last week we featured a picture taken by Carshalton woman Kelly Stevenson that showed a strange light in the sky.

The picture prompted speculation from readers, including some who suggested it could be the planet Venus.

But several others got in touch to say they had seen similar things in recent months.

Wallington man Graham Salmon said he spotted something flying over Ross Road.

He said: "It was about 100 yards above me and totally still. It was shaped like a four-pointed star with white, blue, yellow and orange lights on the underside.

"The creepy thing was there was not a single sound from it or anything around me. Absolute silence is a strange experience.

"I'll not be forgetting those few seconds for a while."

Gillian Cawthorne said  she and her husband saw an orange light appear from behind the moon on two occasions in the last week.

She said: "It was definitely not an aircraft and didn’t look like a satellite.

"Certainly something I have not seen in the sky before."

Now it seems there is an explanation for the unusual sightings. Carshalton-based photographer Ahad Surooprajally contacted the paper he had been flying his 'Quad Copter' camera drone in the area on the day of Ms Stevenson's picture.

He added: " The body of the craft is white and when it catches the light looks quite surreal."

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