Belgians researching the history of their country during the Nazi occupation are trying to trace the family of a Croydon airman who was shot down after a bombing raid.

Frederick Albert Foster was part of a devastating night sortie on April 24, 1944, which involved 637 aircraft bombing the transportation system at Karlsruhe, West Germany.

But as the Lancaster bomber the Flight-Sergeant – Navigator - was in flew back to the Witchford home base of the 115th Squadron it was involved in a dogfight with German Messerschmitts over Belgium.

At 2.28am on the morning of April 25 it was shot down 3km north of Mechelen, northern Belgium, and all seven crew were killed.

Filip Doms and his associates are hoping to trace Mr Foster's descendants and get a picture of him to add to their gallery which already includes the other six airmen.

Mr Doms said: "Thanks to the many sacrifices we have the freedom we today find so normal.

"I'm a member of several organisations which are trying to keep the memory alive so what happened in the dark years of Nazi occupation will never be forgotten.

"We are just missing one photo of Foster to make the crew complete.

"I hope you can help me."

The research Mr Doms has done so far has revealed Mr Foster's parents were Albert Ernest Foster and Annie Dorothy Foster, whose maiden name was Adcock.

Their address in 1944 was Alma Place, Thornton Heath.

As well as their son Frederick they had five daughters Phyllis, Dorothy, Beryl, Edna and Evelyn.

Beryl married a man called Harry Ward in 1951 and had two sons.

Anyone who is a descendant of Frederick Foster or thinks they have information which may help Mr Doms can write to him at Filip Doms, Residentie Offendonk, Den Haes 8a box 04, 2860 Sint-Katrelijne-Waver, Belgium.

Alternatively you can email him at