Curious cat found itself in the back of a police car in the early hours of this morning.

The feline had not been arrested for the purr-fect crime, it simply hopped into the car as officers responding to a call opened the doors.

Sutton police constables Kevin Monk, Liane Walker and Sophie Heywood opened the door of their patrol car at 4am to see the fluffy white moggy hop in.

The cat quickly made itself comfortable on the parcel shelf but as PC Monk went to get hold of it, it hopped on to the driver's seat where it looked up over the steering wheel at the road ahead.

Your Local Guardian:

The cat is removed from the car

Unfortunately the officers had to call time on the cat's antics and left it on the pavement as they drove off.

PC Walker said: "When the cat had been removed, it just sat there staring at the car as if it wanted to come back in.

"The cat was lovely and looked really happy in the car."