Leading researchers from the Sutton-based Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) have presented groundbreaking ideas on the future of cancer treatment.

High-tech radiotherapy, drug combinations, and immunotherapy were showcased as some of the emerging ways to tackle the disease.

The three leading researchers shared their findings at the Cheltenham Science festival on June 4.

They detailed how sophisticated imaging techniques can improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy.

The researchers also talked about new drugs which could strip tumours of their defences against the effects of radiation.

Professor Kevin Harrington, a clinician scientist at the ICR and an honorary consultant at The Royal Marsden, spoke about high-tech advances to radiotherapy.

He said: "New techniques for the delivery of radiotherapy represent a huge advance in our ability to cure tumours with much less collateral damage.

"New developments in imaging technology to guide radiation delivery offer the prospect of a huge improvement in treatment outcomes."

Dr Marco Gerlinger, a team leader within the Centre for Evolution and Cancer at The ICR, talked about his investigations into how cancer evolves.

Dr James Larkin, a clinician at The Royal Marsden specialising in kidney cancer and melanoma, spoke about the effectiveness of immunotherapy.