Think of a festival, any festival, and you’ll bring up images of Wellington boots, mud, tents, loud music and portaloos, to name but a few.

However, Clapham Common will soon see a new type of festival, possibly the first of its kind, as thousands of revellers will join together to dance in complete silence.

Building on the silent disco craze Sub Audio Festival will see three DJs at any one time playing their finest sets on a 360-degree stage, without a single speaker in sight.

Instead their mixes will be transmitted solely to wireless headphones receiving three separate channels and distributed to festival goers allowing the audience to flick and choose their favourite.

William Campbell is the founder of the project.

He says: “I was just sitting in my bedroom and thought ‘I want to start a festival’. “It has been great to create something out of nothing and I have been lucky enough to work with the people that I have.

The response has been very good and hopefully it will be the first of many.”

As well as music, the festival will showcase the weird and wonderful, such as a paint fight, which involves participants colouring each other with dry powder paint, while dancing to their heart’s content.

Campbell hopes glitter wrestling, walk-about circus performances and, perhaps most importantly, luxury toilets, complete with hot and cold running water, will ensure Sub Audio stands out from the crowd.

He says: “We have an art director who has been organising all kinds of crazy things, and who worked on the Secret Garden Party festival, so it’s been great to collaborate with him.

“We just want to emphasise a party atmosphere, where you can sit with friends in the sun eating some great food from the gastro food stalls while enjoying fantastic music.”

Clapham Common; May 24 and 25, noon to 10.30pm; £23; sub