Shoppers and residents have voiced their disapproval over Tolworth’s Greenway project, according to a Conservative poll ahead of this month’s council elections.

Three-quarters of the 500 people surveyed online and in the street said another traffic-lighted crossing should be installed, and 71 percent agreed that though Tolworth Broadway needed improvement, the scheme was not the best solution.

Video shows traffic activation signs in action on Tolworth Broadway

The poll was carried out by Alexandra ward councillor Richard Hudson, and candidates Ian George and Chris Hayes.

Mr George said: “We were down there [surveying] for five hours and I don’t think we spoke to anyone who didn’t think it needs to be sorted out.

“It’s quite easy to rubbish the whole thing, but people do like some of the things that were done.

“When is the next chance we will get to spend £3m on Tolworth Broadway?”

Liberal Democrat Tolworth and Hook Rise councillor Vicki Harris said: “Clearly there are concerns that need to be addressed. But we do need to wait to see the results of the reviews.

“There’s going to be reviews over the whole of this year. It’s not something we’re ignoring.”

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