A war of black and white movies has broken out between Labour and Lib Dems after a spoof B-movie depicted the Deputy Prime Minister as the "Un-Credible Shrinking Man".

Labour's party election broadcast depicts Nick Clegg as a hapless shrinking man who abandons his principles in Government, in a nod to the 1957 sci-fi movie The Incredible Shrinking Man.

Within hours of the release of the video, the Lib Dems hit back with their own video on YouTube – produced in the style of a silent movie with a piano ditty – mocking Ed Miliband as The Incredible Silent Man. 

Asked about the 'Un-Credible Shrinking Man' video on LBC radio today, Mr Clegg said: "I haven't seen it, but I've been told by a friend that I will be more fearful of the Downing Street cat in future."

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