Having been diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 25, Claire Bullimore is turning to the public for help to raise funds for a road trip to reach as many sufferers, survivors and their families as possible.

Miss Bullimore, who is now 31, wants to visit 28 cities in five months to meet people who have followed her blog and bought her book about her road to recovery.

And when she returns home to Croydon she will stage a big party to celebrate her survival.

The tour will be a big challenge for her as she continues to suffer from health problems associated with the non-cancerous tumour which was the size of a grapefruit.

These include chronic fatigue, suffering from seizures and being partially blind in one eye.

She is unable to drive and will be relying on public transport to get her around on the tour.

Your Local Guardian: Claire Bullimore's tumour was the size of a grapefruit

The brain tumour was the size of a grapefruit

The Croydon Radio presenter said: “My book is not an easy read.

“ It shows the true emotions and hardships of having a brain tumour, surgery, recovery, and the scars both inside and out but I so desperately want people to know that it is possible to be more than just a survivor of a brain tumour, that you can have a life again.

“I am using crowdfunding to raise enough money to pay for my travel and accommodation on the tour, because it’s such a great way to get people involved and raise awareness.

“I want to give people encouragement and to say sometimes there is a silver lining.

“When I went back to work as a PA in London I could not keep up with the hustle and bustle of London so I decided to set up an online group to help other people with brain tumours.

“Two years down the line there are more than 17,000 people on there.

“They started asking ‘when are you going to come where we live?’ and I thought ‘I will do a book tour’.”

She is planning to start the tour in Edinburgh and expects to have the Croydon date in November.

Go to facebook.com/BrainTumourAuntyM to join her group and crowdfunder.co.uk/a-brain-tumours-travel-tale-book-tour to help fund the tour.