The mother of a girl who was orally raped and sexually assaulted as a 12-year-old by a talented athlete has branded his attempts to justify his actions as "disgusting".

Adam Hulin, 19, of Hookwood Cottages, in Hurst Lane, Headley, pleaded guilty to oral rape and assault by penetration of the girl in Bookham in December 2012.

He walked away from Guildford Crown Court on Wednesday with a community order, counselling, and a £60 victim surcharge.

Many were shocked that he had been spared jail by Recorder George Lawson-Rogers QC, who said "I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything which would prejudice his future career”.

One person commenting on the article on this website said the sentence was "disgusting" and another described the judge as "out of touch"

Last night Hulin hit back at his critics, leaving a comment on this website repeating his claim to the court that the victim had lied about her age, had consented to what happened, and even alleging that she is now pregnant with an older boy.

He claimed what had been written about the case was untrue and said: "There was no "rape" in my eyes at the time (me being a young, immature boy) believed this to be full lawful activity."

Hulin wrote: “What is written is not true. This is a case of headline grabbing.

“The facts are; I was lied to, about the girls age, she told me she was 16, she got her cousin to confirm that if I asked her, it was proven in court I was lied to and mislead to the girls age.

“I cannot tell you her name or show you what she looks like, but I can tell you that you could not in anyway separate her from a 17/18 year old.

“Secondly it was proven on court that she fully consented to the acts, there was no "rape" in my eyes at the time (me being a young, immature boy) believed this to be full lawful activity.

“I wish this never happened, it should never have happened, but after she went bragging to her friends about what she had for upto, her mother found out and she then cried wolf, it's been a living nightmare.”

Speaking to the Epsom Guardian this morning, the victim’s mother said she was "absolutely appalled" at his statements and she has lost all faith in the justice system.

She said her daughter's life has been ruined by what happened, and now the perpetrator is continuing to justify his actions.

Victim's mother: "He knew how old she was when he plied her with alcohol."

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, explained that her daughter first interacted with Hulin on Facebook and then went out with him on her own for a drive in his car a short time later.

She said he gave her a soft drink mixed with vodka before committing the offences and knew she was 12-years-old.

She said: "He’s lying about not knowing how old she was. He asked her on Facebook what [school] year she was in. When she said year seven, he replied with ‘that’s cute’.

"He knew how old she was when he plied her with alcohol.

"She didn’t see him as a threat. There’s no way she looked 17 or 18 when she was 12.

"And she is not pregnant. I am appalled that he was able to slander my daughter in this way."

The mother blasted the sentence handed to Hulin and said she no longer has any faith in the justice system.

She said: "The outcome was absolutely ridiculous. We only found out about the sentence from Facebook. We will be taking it all up with the police.

"He’s actually just got away with a slap on the wrist.

"It’s absolutely disgusting that the judge didn’t take into account the victim’s side of it.

"He should have been sent to prison. He’s now free. He’s free now to hamper her future even more and is feeding people more lies.

"They’ve tried to paint him as some sort of pillar of society. He’s got to pay for his consequences. You can’t get away with what he’s done and how he went about doing it.

"I have no faith in the legal system whatsoever. The way the judge has looked as it is ‘boys will be boys’ and that we need to take into account that he handed himself in."

The mother added: "It has been very traumatic for my daughter. She had nine hours of forensic examinations in a London hospital.

"It’s disrupted the family. She was bullied at school so I moved her.

"She hasn’t got any confidence. Her life has been ruined and she’s not coping with it. She’s locked herself in her bedroom crying."

'He must be properly punished'

Although Hulin had pleaded guilty to oral rape and sexual assault he denied one count of rape by penetration of the girl, for which a trial was held at the end of last month.

The mother - who said she is "numb from it all" explained that the jury was dismissed in the rape trial after inadmissible evidence, from a police interview conducted with her daughter, was read out in the courtroom.

She said that at this point, the prosecution approached the family and explained that a new trial for this alleged offence could be held with a fresh jury in August, but the family decided the girl had been through enough.

She said: "I just wanted to get it over and done with and for my daughter to get on with a normal life."

After the jury was discharged and the judge heard the evidence alone in what is known as a ‘Newton hearing’. He decided that this charge would not be prosecuted, but that it should ‘remain on file’.

The victim's mother said Hulin needs to be properly punished for what he has done to her daughter.

She said: "He took her innocence. She hadn’t had any sexual encounters before. She didn’t even have any boys round her.

"My daughter is not getting on with her life. It’s absolutely appalling. We have to pick up the pieces and we thought we had done that by putting the rape trial to bed."