A man's missing finger lay in a park for more than a week before being discovered by a young girl.

The girl was with her mum when she made the grisly discovery of a man's index finger lying near the entrance to Fairlands Park from Sainsbury's' car park on Wednesday afternoon.

The park was sealed off and special coroner's ambulances were sent out to recover the body part amid fears further remains could be nearby.

But shortly after the discovery was made police enquiries led them to a 42-year-old man who revealed that the finger was his.

He told officers he had been on his way home from work at 9.30pm on Tuesday, April 15, when he decided to take a shortcut through Fairlands Park only to find the gate was locked.

He tried to climb the fence but slipped and snagged his right index finger on a spike at the top of the fence.

The man fell and his finger was 'degloved' - where the skin and flesh is pulled from the outside of the finger just leaving the bone in tact.

He called for an ambulance and was taken to hospital for emergency treatment but the remains of his finger were not recovered until more than a week later, it is not clear why.

Once the piece of the man's finger was found it was taken by the coroner's ambulance to the mortuary at St Helier Hospital

The park was sealed off for several hours while police investigated.