Transport for London has apologised to a cyclist after he posted a video on You Tube of a bus driver calling him a "knob."

John Richardson, 53, was riding along High Street when a 119 bus drove past, almost cutting him up.

Mr Richardson published this video on YouTube (4ChordsNoNet)

The cyclist rode up to the bus to confront the driver in Katharine Street and an argument about whether the manouvre was safe ended in the bus driver calling him a "knob."

The cyclist, who runs a YouTube channel uploading videos of his experiences on a bike in Croydon, complained to TfL and Metrobus, who run the bus service.

A letter back from TfL said: "I understand how you must have felt after this experience and appreciate your concern. Please accept my apologies.

"The safety of our passengers and other road users is of paramount importance to us.

"It is essential that London's bus drivers promote a positive image of London buses, as well as operating their bus safely and competently."