Have you seen a mystery jogger dressed as a bunny in Clapham Common? 

Young mothers and their children have been mystified in the past few weeks by the appearance of a woman dressed as a rabbit jogging around the park.

The 'rabbit' has appeared a few times in the park and led mothers to launch an appeal on social networks for information.

The mystery rabbit jogger was revealed to be Elle Linton, a London fitness blogger who was in training for the Clapham Rabbit Run for the disability charity Livability.

Rebecca from Clapham Mums, a local lifestyle website, said: “We received some messages from some of our Clapham mum members about this person dressed as a rabbit running around the Common.

"This isn’t all that normal, even around Easter.

"The kids absolutely loved it but we were a bit baffled as to what they were doing. Some of them have only just learnt about Easter bunny so were quite thrilled to see it exercising around the park.”

Your Local Guardian:

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Ms Linton said: “I am planning on doing the Rabbit Run in Clapham in two weekends time and so was doing a bit of training.

"I will be doing 5k dressed as a rabbit on the day so I had to get used to running in the suit, instead of my usual gear.

"I want to raise a good deal of money for the charity but I am a competitor at heart and so had to get myself used to the demands of the rabbit outfit.”

Livability, a Christian disability charity, will hold the Easter fun run on April 26.

Organiser Anna Karien-Drost said: “The Rabbit Run is a popular event and the people who take part are very keen to set a good time as well as have fun and raise money for Livability.

"I am glad the mystery of the jogging rabbit of Clapham Common has been settled.”

For more information visit livability.org.uk/event/rabbit-run.