I trust the Councillors of Sutton read your newspaper so they are able to keep in touch with the good, the bad and the ugly happenings in their borough, so it is quite a concern that it appears not one council member was able to answer a question that was asked through your newspaper as to what happens to the emissions/particles/ashes that are discharged from the chimney of the proposed incinerator, when there is heavy rain such as we have had recently and the rules of gravity are taken into consideration.

An article in your newspaper recently, stated the prevailing winds will take them towards Croydon.

So that's alright then. But what happens to the emissions/particles/ashes when there is heavy rain over Sutton and no winds in the direction of Croydon.

Come on, there must be a Councillor out there somewhere who knows!

Now we have the situation where a councillor who has pleaded guilty to a alcohol related crime, and has been barred from some pubs in the Sutton area for other drunken incidents and has also been voted off many committees because of his behaviour.

The above mentioned Councillor at first abstained from voting on the incinerator then changed his mind and voted for it. When we consider that the incinerator was voted through on the narrowest margin, does this suggest the first incinerator going up has a connection with the last pint of shandy going down.

You could not make it up.

Dave Chase