Jacquelyn Hynes is a musician who, it is fair to say, diversifies quite a bit when it comes to her performances.

She plays silver and wooden flutes, sax, piano, Uilleann pipes and is also a composer.

Hynes has supported leading Irish musicians such as Martin Hayes, Michael McGoldrick, Mary Coughlan and Lunasa.

She was awarded the Katherine McGillivray Get a Life Fund for musicians that paved the way for an MA in performance at the Irish World Academy, which she completed in 2010.

Her debut album Silver and Wood is shortly to be released on Hobgoblin Records.

At Twickfolk she will perform with Irish singer-songwriter J Eion and Italian guitarist Fabrizio Ferraro.

Twickfolk resident performer Sue Graves says: “Jacquelyn Hynes is a wonderfully expressive and inspirational flautist - this comes from the Irish tradition, but through various collaborations, she has embraced musical influences from other cultures and countries along the way.

“Her introductions are entertaining and informative and a great night of music is guaranteed.”

Jacquelyn Hynes at Twickfolk; the Patch, London Road, Twickenham; April 6, doors open 7.45pm; tickets £10 on the door; visit twickfolk.co.uk for more information.