There was a lot of blood and sweat but only tears of joy when a Taekwon-Do ace smashed 1,000 roof tiles with her bare hands to claim a Guinness world record.

Lisa Dennis cut her hands on the tiles and lost so much blood she passed out just after completing the challenge.

But after the 40-year-old came to she was told it was third time lucky and she had got the record by smashing the tiles in 83.98 seconds.

Miss Dennis, of Dalmally Road, Addiscombe, said the help of her fiancé Chris Pitman was invaluable during the challenge.

She said: "My partner trained me and coached me which is a role reversal because I’m usually his instructor.

"I was a woman on a mission and it was the best day of my life and could not have done it without my partner.

"At the end of it I was bleeding badly coming down the last bit and I could see the blood spurting everywhere and Chris had to grab me and I just passed out."

This was Miss Dennis’s third attempt at the record and she has now been invited on to an Italian Saturday night television show with her partner Mr Pitman to show off their skills.

He took the men’s world record for smashing 1,000 tile on his second attempt last year.

Miss Dennis said: "We can now call ourselves the world’s most powerful couple.

"For one couple to do what we have done is pretty unique.

"I would say I would be shocked if it was ever broken but I would go and do it again if it was."

She hopes the record breaking, which took place at Crofton Halls in Orpington, has inspired her pupils at Virtue Taekwon-Do.

The black belt 6th degree world champion added: "Go the extra mile, if you believe in something then you can do it.

"The sky’s the limit."