An aspiring film maker has taken a step closer to his Hollywood dream by winning a top competition.

Greenshaw High School sixth former Jack Spring has won the 16- to 21-year-old category at the IAC British International Amateur Film Festival 2014 for his film Doors Opening.

Doors Opening

The 17-year-old will receive his award in front of a 300-strong audience including some of the world's top film makers at the festival in Bedford later this month and said he hopes the accolade could be a springboard for him.

Doors opening is a short film that wordlessly tells the story of a woman who goes to attend an appointment only to meet a sinister man. It impressed the judges through the unique way it has been put together - each shot is just one second long and the whole piece is backed by the sound of a ticking clock.

Jack, who lives in Poulton Avenue, Sutton, said: "It's a bit weird, but I come up with all my ideas in the shower - that was where I had this idea.

"I don't know where it came from, but I just thought I wanted to make a film where all the shots are only a second long. I had the idea first and then I came up with the story.

"The shoot itself didn't take that long, we did it in one day over the course of eight or nine hours. It was the editing that took the time - that must have taken about 25 hours. All that for a two-and-a-half minute film!

"I think the award judges were impressed with the format."

Jack has already set up his own film company, Blue Light Media, and has made several short films as well as taking on commercial projects. He works for Waitrose in Banstead and has recently been given the chance to make a documentary about the company.

Jack added: "I'm hoping to go to York University and from there I guess I would like to get to Hollywood. I want to be a film director and be able too look back when I'm retired at a huge load of DVDs - or whatever the format will be then - that I've made."

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