An 8,000 square foot penthouse with concierge service, a Curzon cinema, and a restaurant run by a celebrity chef.

These are just some of the features included in finalised plans for Kingston’s iconic Gala Bingo hall in Richmond Road.

Developer CNM Estates has submitted its planning application to Kingston Council outlining a radical new vision for the vacant, Grade II-listed building.

The multi-million pound mixed-use scheme will also include a dance hall, office space and children’s play and education centre.

Three new storeys will be built on top of the existing structure, to accommodate 14 residential flats, including one 8,000 square foot penthouse and two 1,000 square foot homes.

An underground basement level will also be excavated for residential parking.

CNM Estates chairman Wahid Samady said he wanted to bring the luxury and glamour of London’s billionaire residential complex One Hyde Park to Kingston, adding the scheme would herald a new era for the firm’s own development style.

Mr Samady said: “This development has been driven by the community.

“It’s taken longer because it’s a complex building and we’ve had to check with English Heritage that all features are appropriate.

“We want to bring Number One Hyde Park to Kingston.

“We want to scale it down, but bring that same amenity and luxury.”

Your Local Guardian:

CNM Estates has completed the purchase of the iconic art deco building formally owned by Franco Lumba

Mr Samady confirmed the company had agreed terms with boutique cinema chain Curzon to open a three-screen complex at the development, subject to contract negotiations.

There are also ongoing talks with an unnamed celebrity chef about opening a high quality restaurant and bar at the site. Last week, CNM Estates completed the purchase of the building from former owner Franco Lumba, who in 2013 was fined £45,000 plus £29,000 in costs for ripping out the building’s flooring.

Mr Samady said: “We now own the site outright, and the previous owner is now completely out of the equation.”

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Michael Ross and Wahid Samady show off the view from the top of the building

Mr Samady also responded to critics of the scheme, who have set up numerous Facebook pages and online petitions opposing his company’s plans.

He said: “This is the no change brigade, who have no ideas about what should be done but are simply chained to the ‘no change’ strapline, without any reasonable suggestion for what the alternative should be.

“Anyone can set up a website and sign a petition. We respect them, but we live in a democracy and the people that live close by and have to live with it being empty want a change, and we have listened to them and delivered.

“That’s why we are urging the overwhelmingly supportive majority to make their voices heard and write to us or the council in support of this application.”