A jail bird made a ‘beak for freedom’ – only to get tangled in a tree.

Misty, from Downview prison, was spotted by a member of the public 20ft up a tree in a garden in Box Ridge Avenue, Purley.

She was hanging by her legs and struggling to get free after the straps of her jesses had got ensnared in the branches.

Your Local Guardian: Misty lives in Downview prison

The RSPCA was called and with a bit of help the Harris hawk was rescued.

A tag identified her as an escapee from the women’s prison in Sutton where there is a rehabilitation centre.

Inspector Anthony Pulfer said: “It seems this jail bird tried to make a ‘beak’ for freedom but then got stopped in her tracks by a tall tree.

“Her jesses got in a right tangle – wrapped about 10 times around the branch.

“She must have really struggled to try and get herself out of the tangle which must have been really stressful for her.

“But we managed to get her down from the branches, unravel the knots and take her to the vet.

“She needed treatment for the wound and a small operation but she has made a good recovery now and has been returned to her home.”

Misty is one of several rehabilitated birds cared for at the prison.

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