Approval of plans to replace a block of flats with a four storey building have left a group of neighbours disappointed.

Wandsworth councillors voted for the development to go ahead in Hafer Road, Battersea, at a planning meeting on Thursday.

Neighbours said they were left disappointed after their ward councillors declined to speak on their behalf during the committee meeting.

Requests were sent to Councillor Peter Dawson, Councillor Jenny Browne and Councillor Martin Johnson for help but the councillors said all they would do is pass on their emails to the committee members.

The councillors defended their actions pointing out ward members can only give short statements at meetings, are unable to participate in discussions and cannot vote.

They said: "“We ensured that committee members were well aware of the concerns being expressed by some local residents and therefore they were able to take them into account when considering the application in the context of the various planning guidelines and regulations and the detailed analysis in the officers’ report”.

Developers Peter Barber Architects plan to demolish a three storey building and erect a four storey block in its place, containing 16 flats.

A planning document said: "It is the aim of this proposal to deliver an innovative development of the highest architectural quality, which will not only allow the existing home-owners to significantly upgrade their own standard of accommodation, but will provide exemplar living fit for the 21st Century.

"In doing so, the rather faceless existing 1950s block will be replaced with an innovative residential building both architecturally and in terms of its environmental footprint."

Polly Smith, who lives next door to the building, said there are concerns of the increase in cars and described the new building as an "eyesore."

She said: "The residents that all live around here are all incredibly disappointed and still are very angry.

"It is quite worrying that their concerns were not really listened to.

"What we are against is having this monolithic building being built which is going to set a precedent for this area.

"It is now going to become four-storeys plus basements taking away more garden space."

An objection from the Battersea Society said: "The design of the frontage remains out of keeping with its neighbours with obtrusive balconies in particular introducing a jarring note."