More than 50 penalties have been slapped on cyclists cycling down Kingston pavements.

Kingston police have issued 54 fixed penalty notices to cyclists who have broken the law by riding down footways that are for pedestrians in the last three months.

The crackdown is part of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Safeway.

A spokesman from Kingston police said: “We are aware that some cyclists use pavements in particular areas because they believe this to be safer, however, cycling on the pavements can pose a threat to pedestrians and also to cyclists if they are subsequently re-entering a busy road at a point not designated for this.

“Issuing fixed penalty notices for this offence has been part of an overall program to encourage mutual respect and consideration among different road user groups through law enforcement.”

A fixed penalty notice is generally between £30 to £100.

As part of the operation, five cyclists were given fixed penalty notices for ignoring traffic signals, while 43 drivers were also at the receiving end of this.