A controversial Liberal Democrat activist has said he regrets his actions during the 2010 General Election – as Conservatives claim he will seek election to Kingston Council in May’s elections.

Dan Falchikov was criticised four years ago when he was allegedly overheard by Daily Mirror political editor Kevin Maguire on a train.

Mr Maguire claimed Falchikov was boasting that he had planted a story with the Evening Standard that Kingston Hospital was at risk of closing under Labour plans – kicking off MPs Edward Davey and Susan Kramer’s Save Kingston Hospital campaign.

At the time he also denied accusations he tried to infiltrate Zac Goldsmith’s Conservative team under a false name saying he had merely signed up to a mailing list.

Mr Falchikov was named this week as part of the Canbury ward campaign team.

Zac Goldsmith said: “By appointing this man, local Lib Dems are openly endorsing a malignant form of politics that no civilised person wants.”

Mr Falchikov, who lives in York Road, said in a statement: “There were things which happened in the heat of an election campaign which I regret and have learned from.

“But it is pathetic that Zac Goldsmith and the Conservatives have so little positive to say that they try to drag stuff up from years ago.”