The mother of Rebecca Sessacar who was killed after being stabbed 58 times by her husband has said her daughter’s death could have been prevented.

Bulent Sessacar, 29, was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey today after a frenzied attack on his wife Rebecca with two knives.

Sandra Ward, Mrs Sessacar’s mum, said the personal trainer should not have been allowed back to live with Rebecca having been arrested just days before the fatal attack for assaulting his wife.

She further expressed her disappointment at the police after it emerged today police had visited the address 45 minutes before Mrs Sessacar was found stabbed to death on December 20, 2012 but had failed to discover her.

She was only found after returning to the property in Duppas Hill Terrace after a further concerned call from a neighbour.

Ms Ward also criticised the NHS for knowing Mr Sessacar had mental health issues having been previously sectioned but allowing him to go home from hospital.

The court was told Mr Sessacar had a history of mental illness and a couple of months before the attack on his wife he had taken an overdose and injected himself with white spirit.

He had also spoken of committing suicide and in September 2012 he was sectioned under the mental health act after Rebecca called police for help after he rowed with a neighbour.

Ms Ward said: "The NHS should never have allowed Bulent to return home with Rebecca. Everything seemed to go haywire after Bulent was admitted to Bethlem as an inpatient. "I was told that it was expected that he would be there for at least a month and over the Christmas period but he was only there around one to two weeks.

"I told Rebecca to have him put into hospital as she couldn’t manage looking after him. He was also a risk to himself and to Rebecca. I told her that she risked getting hurt but I never considered that he would go so far as to kill her. "Rebecca should have been provided with more help and support."

She added: "Bulent should not have been let out on bail after he assaulted Rebecca on the Tuesday before he killed her.

"I hope lessons are learned from this. There are constant reports in the newspapers concerning people who have been let out of psychiatric places and killed people.

"The stats on the number of murders that occur with offenders that have been let out on bail seems to say jobs are not being done properly."

In a statement released today, the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust said an investigation was carried out into Bulent Sessacar's care and treatment.

A spokesman said: "This is a tragic case and we offer our condolences to the victim's family. The judge has noted that Bulent Sessacar's "residual culpability is high" and that he "had "a combination of an untreatable personality disorder and a propensity to abuse drugs against a background of an explosion of violence.

"We have carried out a thorough investigation into his care and treatment which is currently being reviewed by NHS England. SLaM has also participated in a Domestic Homicide Review in relation to the incident.

"We are unable to offer any further comment until the results of these reviews are published."

The IPCC are also investigating the police’s involvement in the incident but have yet to issue a statement.

The IPCC investigation is ongoing.