The Environment Agency (EA) and Surrey County Council (SCC) have both denied responsibility for sorting out the persistent flooding in Ewell Village, with each claiming it is the wrong type of water.

Advised by Epsom Council that the EA was primarily responsible, the Epsom Guardian contacted it today to find out what it was doing to resolve the problem.

But it said the problem was caused by groundwater and that is the responsibility of SCC as the Lead Local Flood Authority.

A spokesman for SCC hit back, saying her understanding was that groundwater is the responsibility of the EA, even though SCC’s website said it has "the 'lead' role in managing flood risk from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses across the county."

An Epsom Council spokesman said: "The Hogsmill is the responsibility of the Environment Agency.

"We are responsible for making sure the waterways and ducts within Bourne Hall are clear. Surrey County Council is responsible for the drains."

Brian Angus, chairman of Ewell Village Residents’ Association, who has been liaising with the agencies on behalf of residents, said the situation is extremely complex and there is no sign of things getting better.

He said he spotted eight EA officers at the scene last week and he talked with county engineer there yesterday.

Mr Angus said: "What I’m trying to do is helping the various agencies to talk to each other. It’s probably the best use of my experience.

"I get satisfaction if I help officers in their tasks instead of feeling resentful that they should have done it.

"God has thrown an awful lot in their path, and we want to pay less and less of taxpayers’ money on such people. When this sort of thing happens it stretches the resources."