The mysterious appearance of dozens of golf balls has left Beddington neighbours clubbing together for answers.

The riddle initially centred on one couple, of Richmond Road, who have found nine balls in their back garden in the last month.

But now the enigmatic spherical intruders have begun spread to neighbouring houses, leaving residents scratching their heads.

Graham Trodd had lived in the road with wife Josephine for 20 years without finding a single rogue ball - until December.

He said: "We started finding them about a month ago. They just keep appearing overnight. I'll just be walking around the garden and then, oh, there's another a golf ball.

"Then on Friday one of our neighbours said to us she had found one in her garden and another one found them in his flowerpots."

Your Local Guardian:

Graham and Josephine are baffled by the balls

Your Local Guardian:

Mysterious: how the balls were found

The 68-year-old added: "It's mysterious. If it was an animal you would think would be just dropped on the lawn, but they are actually half-buried.

"All you see is a little white dome sticking out of the ground. There are no teeth marks on them and they're brand new, so we don't know where they are coming from.

"Why so many of them and where are they are coming from? I've tried to think about it but I haven't got a clue. It is a mystery. Personally I've got no idea."

Mitcham Golf Course, the nearest to Richmond Road, is almost three miles away.

And Mr Trodd, a retired lorry driver, does not even play golf to put to balls to use.

He said: "The nearest golf course is at the very end of Beddington Lane, so there are none near enough.

"The two I found yesterday make it nine we've found in the last month. At this rate I'll be able to put them in a boot sale."

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