Morrisons is the latest supermarket to back a mum’s campaign against sexual and violent images at children’s eye-level.

Kathy McGuinness, from Carshalton, who fronted the Child Eyes campaign, has already forced the Sport, Nuts, Zoo and Front off the shelves in the Co-Op's 4,000 stores nationwide.

Your Local Guardian: Kathy McGuinness with James, 4 and Daniel, 19 months.

Mrs McGuinness

Now campaigners are celebrating after Morrisons promised to conduct a review of their news and magazine sections.

Mum-of-four, Mrs McGuiness, said: “They are a huge company and very powerful. We have been campaigning for quite a long time. We are really pleased it has been such a success from the beginning.

“This campaign is so important to us. To get this result we are just over the moon.”

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: "We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly store and are listening carefully to customers on this issue.

“We are now conducting a review of our news and magazine merchandising and will aim to reflect Child Eyes' concerns."

The group also successfully campaigned to get the British Retail Consortium guidelines amended to include Women’s Magazines which often feature rape and child abuse stories on their front covers.

They now advise retailers to be sensitive to the concerns of consumers, particularly in relation to the display of titles with front covers and content that may be inappropriate to display at a young person’s eye-level or below.