More buses could be laid on after passengers warned that overcrowding could lead to a serious accident.

The bus company, which runs the 166 service from Epsom to West Croydon, said it has highlighted the overcrowding problem with Transport for London which has to approve more frequent buses.

Your Local Guardian:

The issue was raised in a letter to the Epsom Guardian earlier this month by Gillian Burns who said schoolchildren completely fill up the bus before it arrives at Epsom Clock Tower at 3.29pm.

Ms Burns said the bus, which goes through Banstead to West Croydon, is so overcrowded that anyone with a pushchair or wheelchair has no chance of getting on.

She said: "This is downright dangerous and sooner or later there is going to be a nasty accident. If people do not get on this bus they have to wait an hour for the next one.

"Why does the bus company not put on an extra bus during this busy period, or the schools lay on school buses for children travelling to Banstead?"

Your Local Guardian:

Yvonne Smith, of Cypress Way, Banstead, who caught the bus twice just before Christmas, said: "It was ‘choc-a-bloc’ before it reached the Clock Tower.

"In fairness, many pupils give up their seats for others getting on. Of course this does not solve the problem. Arrangements for a school bus should be made as soon as possible."

Betty Coleman said the bus, filled with schoolgirls, often pulls away without picking anyone up. She said: "It is a regular occurrence which causes a lot of inconvenience to regular travellers. An hour is a long wait in the cold."

An Arriva spokesman said: "Customer feedback is important to us and we will investigate and monitor our services whenever an issue arises.

Your Local Guardian:

"We are aware of some overcrowding on certain journeys on the route 166 and have highlighted this with Transport for London as they have to agree to any changes in the frequency of the buses.

"We will continue to work closely with them to find the best solution."