A rapist who tricked his victim by saying he was a council worker before attacking her in her own home has left neighbours "terrified" .

Police say they have scaled up patrols in the Benhill Estate near Sutton town centre after the attacker called at the home of a woman in her 40s and told her he was a Sutton Council worker on Saturday evening.

Officers have released an E-fit of the man they are hunting and have reassured people in this type of incident is very rare in Sutton and they are doing all they can to catch him.

The incident has caused shockwaves on the estate. 

Your Local Guardian:

Benhill Wood Road, Sutton. Picture: Google

Allison Fletcher of Benhill Wood Road, said: "It's terrifying. I can see why you would open the door to someone if they said they were from the council.

"In these flats there are quite often people who try the doors and things like that. I usually think it's just children mucking about but now I will be very careful."

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, added; "It's really worried people. Everyone on Facebook is sending it around because they're worried.

"The idea that you're not even safe in your own home is the bit that gets me."

The attacker is black, about 5ft 4ins with a round face and no hair. He was wearing a blue round-necked fleece-type jumper with a red or orange logo on the breast.

Detective Inspector Keith Ward said: "I would like to reassure the community that we are doing all we can to identify and arrest the perpetrator of this crime.

"While the investigation team have a number of leads that are being progressed, we are also increasing patrols in the area maintaining a highly visible presence in the hope we can allay peoples fears but also to encourage anybody with information, no matter how insignificant they feel it is, to come forward."

People have been advised to challenge any callers at their homes for identification and to make use of spy holes and chains on their doors.

If you have information or recognise the e-fit you can all police on 101 or the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.