A dangerous wall in a neglected council park is putting lives at risk, residents have warned.

Croydon Council, which last year trumpeted 11 of the borough's green spaces being named among the country's best, has been urged to tackle the "shocking condition" of Norbury Hall Park.

Chief among residents' concerns is a crumbling brick wall, separating the park from London Road in Norbury, which they said "will kill" if it collapses.

Jessie Duffy, 66, who uses the park to walk her dog, Shadow, said: "It is putting lives at risk. 

"Part of the wall has fallen down and the council have come along and put barriers up, but if you go further along there is crack going right along the length of it and it is bowed.

"Loads and loads of people walk in that park with their dogs or even little children.

"If it does fall, it will kill. It is very, very dangerous." 

She added: "With the weather we have been having, imagine what could happen. I could not live with my conscience if something happened to someone and I had not made an effort to do something about it, but to be frank I am getting nowhere with the council. The wall could kill."

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Danger: the high wall is breaking apart next to the path

Mrs Duffy, of Dunbar Avenue, was left bloodied and bruised when she tripped over a pothole walking in the park in August.

She reported holes in the path to the council - but five months later they are yet to be filled.

She said: "They came along some time later and they just yellow marked them, that's it. There are going to be accidents.

"They are neglecting the whole park. There are a few people concerned about it. There are a few different issues and they are getting worse. The path is in a shocking condition."

A council spokesman said: "We inspected the park and carried out emergency repairs to the worst sections of path after this incident was reported.

"Further repairs are now scheduled to the remainder of the damaged surface.

"The walls are also due to be dealt with once ownership responsibilities have been resolved with neighbouring properties."

Environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy awarded 11 parks in Croydon - six managed by the council and five by the City of London Corporation - the prestigious Green Flag, an award given to the best maintained open spaces.

But only one - South Norwood Lake - is in the north of the borough, with the rest of the council's all in Coulsdon or South Croydon.

Where the grass is greener: the council's six award-winning parks

• South Norwood Lake and grounds
• Wettern Tree Garden, Sanderstead
• Coulsdon Memorial Ground
• Coombe Wood, South Croydon
• Lloyd Park, South Croydon
• Happy Valley, Coulsdon
• Haling Grove, South Croydon

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South Norwood Lake