The source of the River Wandle has started flowing again for the first time in at least 15 years.

The Wandle's original source is at the grotto in Carshalton Park off Ruskin Road but the water has not actually flowed from there several years.

Your Local Guardian:

How the grotto at the source of the Wandle usually looks

Your Local Guardian:

The Wandle in Carshalton Park now - the grotto is visible in the background

However, recent heavy rains means the section of the river is flowing once again.

Carshalton man John Brightman said: "I've been here 33 years and only seen the water flow twice. The last time was at least 15 years ago - it's a very rare occurrence."

The Wandle's original source was in Croydon but this became contaminated in the 19th century and was culverted to prevent the spread of disease.

Now the river has two sources at Carshalton Ponds in Carshalton High Street and Waddon Ponds near Beddington Park.