A nurse from a Clapham care home has been sacked after subjecting vulnerable patients to "serious abuse" including pulling a patient's hair and barricading others into a ward.

Osironke Olayinka Olugbile, 53, could also be struck off the nurses' register should the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) committee decision fall against her next month.

She was accused of a string of offences while working as a nurse at the Collingwood Court Nursing Centre, in Nelson's Row, Clapham, between March 27, 2006, and February 9, 2011.

Among the most serious offences were she turned off the call bell on numerous occasions meaning patients' emergencies could not be heard.

Ms Olugbile was also accused of barricading troublesome patients in their rooms so she would not be disturbed and pulling one male patient's hair during an argument.

The Nigerian nurse, according to the NMC's charge sheet, also made patients wear several incontinence pads so they would not disturb her.

Other offences included putting fully-clothed patients to bed, inviting male friends to the centre late at night and shouting at residents.

Finally she also wrote in one resident's hospital passport: "Enjoyed falling deliberately on to the floor and sliding from the chair".

The NMC panel found Ms Olugbile's fitness to practice as a nurse was impaired by the proven allegations.

It stated: "The panel had the overriding impression that you are someone who did not put residents at the centre of your care, nor did you treat them with dignity and that as a result of your actions you put residents at risk of very serious harm.

"The panel determined that some of your conduct in relation to the vulnerable residents at the Home amounted to serious abuse and that you have not shown any remorse or regret.

"You have denied these charges from the beginning and have sought to blame others and accuse them of lying.

"You have sought to abdicate yourself from any personal responsibility for your actions.

"The panel has determined that due to lack of insight, risk of repetition of these actions is extremely high."

A final decision and the sanctions imposed are due to be heard at the start of February.