Labour leader Ed Milliband sent a message of support to an organisation for Croydon residents affected by the 2011 riots.

The message commending West Croydon Voice (WCV) was read out by Croydon North MP Steve Reed, at a screening of the documentary Riot from Wrong at the Fairfield Halls on Thursday evening.

Mr Miliband’s message said: “This is a fantastic venture by West Croydon Voice. Having met and spoken to some of the riot victims, I know just how much pain and damage those riots have caused the people of Croydon.

“Which is why this screening is so important - giving a voice to victims and attempting to better understand the underlying causes of the riots and help us move on from them.”

The event marked the last major public screening of the award-winning documentary, which looks at the reasons behind the riots in August 2011.

The riots began in Tottenham after the shooting of Mark Duggan on August 4, before spreading to other parts of London, including Croydon, and the UK.

Speaking after the screening, Mr Reed said the film was “very provocative and mentally powerful” and gave “power back into the community”.

A panel including WCV founder Bushra Ahmed, Mark Duggan’s aunt Carol Duggan, and members of Fully Focused Productions who produced the documentary, then answered questions from the audience.

During the discussion, which covered matters including the compensation of riot victims and the £1bn regeneration of the Whitgift Centre, panel members commended those who attended the evening.

Fully Focused Productions member Alex Simpson, who narrated the film, said: “The fact that you are here alone means you are trying to find a solution to the problem.”

Ms Ahmed added that the issues which contributed to the looting and vandalism in Croydon are still the same and that the discussion on the riots needs to be had.

She said: “I think we really need to have these conversations. It’s in our self interests to look after our communities.”