A so-called dangerous dog that could be destroyed is just a big softy according to his owner.

Mum-of-five Zarina Roots' dog Prince was seized from her home Courtenay Road, Worcester Park, last week after reports that it chased a PCSO down the street.


Your Local Guardian:

Prince in a police kennel

Amid fears the animal may be a pit bull terrier, a breed banned in this country, it has been impounded by police and magistrates are due to decide on whether it should be destroyed.

But Ms Roots said Prince is "soppy" and is comfortable letting her children and toddlers play with him. She also said is not a pit bull and is a Staffordshire bull terrier/labrador cross and he was only trying to play with the police officer.

The 41-year-old said: "He's not dangerous, if he was I'd never let my children near him - I have a newborn as well.

"He's a softy, he's just soppy and placid. We have children and families round to our house for barbecues and he's absolutely fine. They pull him about and play with him and he's fine.

"It's awful that he's gone. My children, especially my 11-year-old, are distraught."

Prince was seized last Monday following complaints from neighbours that he had got into their gardens and an incident where he is said to have chased a PCSO who was doing door-to-door enquiries following a burglary - but Ms Roots said this was not the case.

She added: "The officers came to the door and my three-and-a-half year old must have opened the door because Prince ran out. The police officer stepped back but Prince thought it was a game. He ran to the end of the path but he tripped over.

"Prince didn't do anything other than bark and then I called him and he came away. He didn't try to attack him. He was just being playful."

Magistrates are set to make a decision on whether to destroy Prince at a date yet to be set.