So London’s Mayor Boris Johnson has said he is “very alarmed about cyclists wearing headphones” and he would not be against a prohibition or ban on cyclists wearing them.

And our own poll on the Surrey Comet’s website showed 70 per cent of those who took part were in favour of a ban.

It would be interesting to get some figures on how many cyclists involved in accidents were actually wearing headphones at the time. Just to see how much of a safety problem it is.

But – even though it is important to look at the facts – common sense tells us it’s safer to cycle while being able to hear a car approaching from behind, or the side.

I remember a similar debate on cycling helmets. People were writing to the Times newspaper stating that, statistically, helmets were not effective in the reduction of injuries.

And then one correspondent cut through all the crap with one simple letter.

It was along the lines of: “To all those claiming cycling helmets are ineffective, I have a challenge for them.

"We can meet up and I’ll hit them round the head with a plank of wood. And, before I do it, they can choose to wear a helmet – or not.”

That says it all really. Let common sense prevail.

Whether legislation is the answer, well, our poll shows that most people support a ban, despite the “nanny state” accusations that will, no doubt, be thrown the way of the legislators.

My own personal view? Yep, ban ’em! And, while we’re at it, ban them on buses and trains as well.

Or at the very least introduce a law that says if anyone else can hear your music they get to keep your iPod. Now that would be popular.